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Tree removal in most cases should be your final option because trees generally add value to your property. Unfortunately, damage from high winds, lightening or other physical impacts may leave you with no other option for a tree removal service. Not all trees are hazardous trees, but some due to the fact of the proximity they are to your home, a street or an area that has high traffic can be considered hazardous due to the fact they are close to "targets". B & T's tree service is highly trained to remove these trees and do it with the utmost care to ensure no damage and minimal impact is achieved during these removals.

Tree removal should be left to professionals. Many times, homeowners try to save money by removing trees themselves, and end up spending more money on repairs to their home, fence, shed, driveway, etc. Hire a Certified Arborist to remove your unwanted, or hazardous tree and avoid these damages to your property, and avoid any injury that may occur as well. Sometimes when homeowners attempt tree removal themselves, they get overwhelmed with the task after realizing how much risk is involved and then call a tree removal company. Most times, in these cases, the homeowner has created a much greater hazard with ill advised cuts, increasing the costs and risks involved with removing the tree. Don't let this happen to you. Call our team of professionals first for a FREE WRITTEN ESTIMATE!

Whether your tree removal project is for your home or office, B&T's Tree Service is the company to hire. Be sure to visit our Jobsite Safety Page!


Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Service

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